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Broker Training

Learn how to use our online training tools.

We offer complete training for all our agents and brokers to help them maximize their career potential.  Our online webinars cover all aspects of our business. We encourage each agent, both new and veteran to take the time to review our catalogue of training webinars and videos. These would include webinars on:

  • Products
  • Commissions
  • Technology
  • Services

Broker Contracting Questions

Welcome to VHP’s online contracting portal. Here, you will be able to appoint with multiple carriers and products with a few simple clicks.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  1. Your resident and nonresident (if applicable) state’s insurance license number.
  2. PDF of your current Errors & Omissions insurance
  3. Scanned or PDF copy of a voided check. The process is simple, but if you run into any issues during the registration process or any of the initial setup, contact us for assistance.

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