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short term insurance

Short-term Medical Insurance

As the name suggests, short-term health insurance is intended for the short term only. Your coverage will end when the term you selected is finished, though you may be able to apply for an additional term of coverage after your first term is complete.


Hospital Indemnity & GAP Insurance

Allows employees to cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with high deductible health plans and larger hospital co-pays. Supplemental healthcare plans can be either employee or employer funded and are compatible with health savings accounts.


Critical Illness Insurance & Cancer Insurance

Often a major illness can cause financial hardship for an employee and or their family – even if the employee or family member is covered by health insurance. Critical illness plans typically provide large lump sum payouts to employees upon diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke, organ failure, paralysis, and more.


Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits (AD&D)

As part of a life insurance policy, this provides an accidental death benefit and a portion of the death benefit for dismemberment if you lose hearing, sight, digits or limbs.


Accident Insurance

Accidents happen. Injuries to employees and family members can be costly. Accident insurance is affordable and designed to complement the underlying health and disability insurance by helping cover out-of-pocket expenses including deductibles, co-pays, time off work, and more.


Short-term Disability Insurance

An employee’s ability to earn a paycheck is their most important asset. When disability “gaps” exist, voluntary disability insurance is arguably the most important voluntary benefit and can be custom designed to cover the uninsured time allowing employees to protect their paycheck.


Term Life Insurance

Allows employees to elect higher levels of affordable life insurance designed for their working years. Term life insurance is a responsible way to provide the financial security needed for loved ones after an employee’s untimely death.


Permanent Life Insurance

Both guaranteed whole life and flexible universal life insurance provide employees access to post-retirement life insurance. With permanent life insurance employees can secure level premiums and level death benefits, build cash values, and take their plan with them when they leave.


Dental Insurance

Coverage for individuals to protect them against dental costs. It insures against the expense of treatment and care of dental disease and accident to teeth. The most common types of dental insurance plans are Preferred provider organizations (PPO) or dental health maintenance organizations (DHMO). Both types are considered managed care.


Vision Insurance

A financial protection plan that requires the policyholder to pay a monthly fee in exchange for reduced-cost fees on some eye health and vision correction services and products. Vision care insurance will often cover routine eye health expenses such as eye exams, contact lens fittings, contact lenses and eyeglass lenses and frames and may provide a discount on LASIK procedures. The plan may cover the cost of these items in full, up to a preset limit, or may require the policyholder to pay a flat fee or percentage fee to share the expense with the insurer.